Friday, 27 April 2018

How to become an LIC agent? Why being LIC agent is good?

Part time jobs are best for Domestic workers or Students. There are unavoidable situations when Capable and Bright workers do not afford a full time job. Whether you want to do a full time or part time job, make the choice after considering these 4 factors i.e., Personal choice, Financial priorities, Skills and Contribution. Join lic as agent to make your dreams come true.

The best part about Part time jobs is its flexibility that gives enough time to do other activities for money. The people who are educated with the desire to do earning without working under the boss can do their work by being an insurance agent, part time or full time by doing this work. Because the business connected to the insurance sector in India is a very large scale business.

Apart from this, it is expected to expand, because of the decline in illiteracy and increased education figures, people are now beginning to understand the importance of insurance. And seeing the growing prospects in the insurance business, a lot of companies have entered this area. A very large part of this business depends on lic insurance agents. This is the reason why many agents of doing this work are doing good work by giving their dreams a high.

Through this post we are going to tell you that if a person wants to be an insurance agent to do his earnings, then who processes he has to go through?

How to become an LIC agent:

Want to become an lic agent? To become a lic insurance agent, any person has to pass that examination by taking part in the examination organized by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRDA). As we all know, there are a lot of insurance companies in India. Therefore, to become an insurance agent, a person should first select the company whose policy he can sell. Because selling more policy means more money.
And then the interested person should go to any branch of the selected company and tell him about the desire to be an insurance agent. Now the examination will be conducted by his company or by the Indian Insurance Regulatory Authority. You will be called to take exams or you can take this examination by knowing yourself but before that check your Eligibility.

The eligibility criteria for insurance agents:

1.       The person applying to be an insurance agent must be above 18 years of age.
2.       A person should possess a bachelor's degree, although some companies, 10th and 12th pass individuals, are also eligible for this work.
3.       The person wishing to become an insurance agent is required to pass the examination conducted by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRDA) or any other insurance company.
4.       According to the Indian Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRDA), a person wishing to become an insurance agent should take at least 100 hours practical training from an IRDA authorized institution.
5.       After this, by filling the application form of the selected company, all the paper should be attached as required and the application should be deposited in the office of the authorized officer of the selected company. While submitting this application, a nominal fee may also be paid.

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